Sunday, December 30, 2007

Those Darn "The More You Know" Commercials

Tonight as I was putting Mary Fowler to bed, we chose to read this personalized book that (funny enough) was given to her both by my mom and by her little cousin Taylor. I'm sure you remember these... I remember having a personalized book when I was little. So this is how our conversation went:

Me: I'm so excited to read your new book tonight! Last night we didn't have time because we stayed up so late watching your new Samantha (American Girl Doll) movie.

Mary Fowler: Yeah but you know mom, the man on the commercial says you should read to your children at least 15 minutes EVERY day.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Strong-Willed Child

Both books on my bedside table... and so far the most helpful advice is how to get Mary Fowler to bring her coat with her to school. Instead of telling her to get her coat and put it on (because it's below freezing outside) asking her if she'd like to wear or carry her coat? It works! Genius!! Also worth mentioning is that strong wills are great, wonderful, important personality traits... I, as a strong-willed person, myself, (duh!) just need to change my approach.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Davis' Pick

For the past week or two, Davis has chosen this "buuu" (as he says) every evening. He points at each and every animal as we read and I have to admit they are illustrated so sweetly.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Incredible You!

My mom and I took the kids to Barnes and Noble and I just had to get this book. I love its message and we read it this evening. She seemed to like it and I really hope it becomes a favorite.

Davis has been yummy today! He is loving his "momma." I've gotten lots of hugs and giggles... and he is going up and down the stairs all by himself- which, in my book, is a great milestone. Needed to write that one down as neither of my children have baby books to speak of...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Recommended Reading

Sometimes I need a refresher course in parenting. This book is precious and is written by '147 kids who know.'

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ameila Bedelia

I remember loving the Amelia Bedelia books when I was little. I have kind of been waiting until I thought Mary Fowler was old enough to 'get' the humor in them. Amelia Bedelia is so LITERAL! So yesterday when I was trying to procrastinate needing coffee anyway, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked some up.

When I went to pick the kids up from school, it felt almost like Christmas morning! I gave Davis a kiss, put him down for a nap and Mary Fowler and I snuggled in my bed reading all three I bought (plus a Halloween Berenstein Bears book, which I actually think she liked best).

She really did enjoy them, and she told her teacher today that Amelia Bedelia and the Baby is now her favorite book. I think this is just one example of how fun it will be to re-live some of our own childhood through our kids.

One other thing I don't want to forget: A girlfriend told me at the playground yesterday (where Davis was going up and down the slideover and over and over and over, all by himself- laughing the whole time. Proud as a peacock!) 

Where was I? Oh, yes, my girlfriend said she was welcoming a new neighbor into the 'hood and then asked their 4 year-old daughter how her first day of preschool went. She told my friend that "Mary Fowler was very nice and sweet to her." 

Now, who's proud as a peacock!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not Quite A Potterybarn Ad, But We're Getting There...

Supercute playroom picture from Potterybarn Kids

As I have mentioned, my husband is very particular.  These disorganized toys were driving him crazy so we took advantage of Davis' nap (and Mary Fowler being at my parent's house) to get things together for charity and for the trash. We grouped:

-riding toys
-dress-up clothes
-play kitchen items

And I have to say, he was right! It looks great!!

I couldn't wait to get home and find out what Mary Fowler would say when she saw the changes. I was a little concerned that she would not be happy with everything placed into storage containers out of view but Adam said she was thrilled and said, "Daddy, it's all so beautiful, it makes me not want to play with anything!" 

Oh good!! That's exactly what daddy was hoping for!!

Only kidding.

But he told me she proceeded to bring out the keyboard and sing him three songs each 10 minutes in length thanking him for making it look so nice. She is SO her father's daughter (loving the organizing part... not the musical part)!

One funny thing I want to mention in case I forget later came up while we were in the playroom. Mary Fowler, like her mother- me, didn't have very many baby words. My mom jokes that I would correct her grammar and the only baby word I ever used was down'd'airs so she would make me say it all the time. 

Likewise, Mary Fowler calls her binoculars 'r'inoculars so we just couldn't get rid of those.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hostess Gift

One of my friends is moving into a new house (while pregnant) so I took her daughter to the pool for a few hours to help her out. When I returned her sweet girl, my friend gave me this great little drink recipe book. What a great hostess gift!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Pretty Platter available at Paperbuzz.

Today has been one of those days when I'm glad I picked the corny HAPPY title. It encourages positivism. Just as I was about to bitch, I stopped myself. Instead, what are the good things that happened today?

Let's see:

The Bad: I didn't sleep well at all last night so it follows that both kids were up earlier than usual.

The Good: I had an appointment this morning with my dermatologist and I was totally prepared to have some small basal cell spots removed through the use of (I think?) liquid nitrogen that burns like hell and scabs something ugly but he said he didn't see any! YAY!!

The Bad: After my appointment, I went back by the house so I could take Mary Fowler out to lunch. She really wanted to use the stroller, I obliged, and I paid for it... I may as well have had Davis with me. Pain in the freakin' neck!

The Good: She was thrilled that we went to the mall- just the two of us- and that she got to ride in the stroller.

The Bad:  I took the kids to the pool and towards the end they were both tired and whiny and crying on the car ride home.

The Good: They're in bed now, I'm on the computer, and I have a yummy, new book my cousin gave me to start reading tonight!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

August Book Club

Tonight I hosted book club at my house and I think it went well! 

I chose this book because the past three books we've read have been rip-you-heart-out downers. 
After reading it (in like 10 minutes)... I didn't realize it was a graduation speech... I worried we wouldn't have much to discuss. But we did! We mainly talked about how finding the beauty in the small things and being thankful makes for a happy life. This seems so simple but I think a lot of people choose to focus on what they do NOT have as opposed to what they DO have.

Blogging actually came up! I admitted that I use my blog (didn't give them the name) to record silly, little everyday things the kids and I do so that I can print them off and have a record later. So far, it has worked!

Now I know that sometimes I blog about things that are in the grand scheme of things insignificant (like stationery, clothes, etc.) but it's part of me and, who knows, maybe one day Mary Fowler will look through these print-outs and find a little of me in herself?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Davis' Favorite Book (this week)

Davis has just recently started sitting still long enough to read an entire book before bed and THIS one is his favorite by far.

Funny enough, it doesn't have many words and Hubby says that is because boys (and men) don't like to talk all that much. In fact, he says, boys (and men) wish girls (and women) wouldn't talk all that much, either.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mary Fowler's Favorite Book This Week

This sweet book was a gift from our little cousin who met us at Disney World. It is so cute and we've read it every night this week before bed. A little excerpt:

"How many kisses do you want, sweetie pie?"
Mommy Butterfly asks her Little Flutterby.

"I want FOUR," Little Butterfly sings,
Folding up his tired, tiny wings.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Friend Who Got Away

Last night something was wrong with my internet so I did something I haven't done in like 8 months: iron. There wasn't much on TV- and, as I've said before, I have to have the TV on before I even think about touching laundry. I was watching Beauty and the Geek. Painful. But, I'll probably check back again. And then, Primetime's Family Secrets- Daniel Baldwin- cocain addict Baldwin brother. Barely interesting- not sure he's gonna recover. 

So, I ironed a few things and then headed up to bed to read. I'm reading The Friend That Got Away, and it's pretty interesting. It definitely has me thinking about some girlfriends I used to be close with but aren't anymore. 

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Playing Hooke

The one day it feels like I have a "real" job, and Mary Fowler and I end up playing hooke!

Friday I had a pretty busy day planned. Our sitter was coming to watch Davis and then I was going to take Mary Fowler to Montessori camp while simultaneously taking a conference call with a project I'm helping Adam with. 

I dial into the conference call while driving. As I scurry Mary Fowler through the big double doors, she announces that she must go potty and I must take her. Of course. I soon realize that this will be no quick tinkle... it's a pull up a chair and let's read a book kind of potty experience. So, while I'm trying to smile and keep her happy, I am also trying to sound somewhat professional on the phone. My cover is blown when someone on the conference call says, "Where are you- in a cave?" Nice.

Then she gets a little teary and says she doesn't want to stay at camp today- she wants to go with me or stay with the sitter and relax at home. I completely understand. She is sleep-deprived (although that is her own fault- Miss I'll stay in my room for 3 hours and not take a nap) and she has been so busy with camps and play dates that I haven't gotten to spend much quality time with her in the past couple of days. 

So, I whittle down my list only leaving the very most pressing errands and put her back in the car. First stop: Barnes & Noble. Momma needs her caffeine and our favorite babysitter needs a graduation present. I order a latte and an asiagio cheese pretzel and she orders a water "Because it's healthy" and a spinach and feta stuffed pretzel. We decide we'll share. We chat like old friends and I find it hard to believe that she is only 4 years old!