Saturday, June 16, 2007

Playing Hooke

The one day it feels like I have a "real" job, and Mary Fowler and I end up playing hooke!

Friday I had a pretty busy day planned. Our sitter was coming to watch Davis and then I was going to take Mary Fowler to Montessori camp while simultaneously taking a conference call with a project I'm helping Adam with. 

I dial into the conference call while driving. As I scurry Mary Fowler through the big double doors, she announces that she must go potty and I must take her. Of course. I soon realize that this will be no quick tinkle... it's a pull up a chair and let's read a book kind of potty experience. So, while I'm trying to smile and keep her happy, I am also trying to sound somewhat professional on the phone. My cover is blown when someone on the conference call says, "Where are you- in a cave?" Nice.

Then she gets a little teary and says she doesn't want to stay at camp today- she wants to go with me or stay with the sitter and relax at home. I completely understand. She is sleep-deprived (although that is her own fault- Miss I'll stay in my room for 3 hours and not take a nap) and she has been so busy with camps and play dates that I haven't gotten to spend much quality time with her in the past couple of days. 

So, I whittle down my list only leaving the very most pressing errands and put her back in the car. First stop: Barnes & Noble. Momma needs her caffeine and our favorite babysitter needs a graduation present. I order a latte and an asiagio cheese pretzel and she orders a water "Because it's healthy" and a spinach and feta stuffed pretzel. We decide we'll share. We chat like old friends and I find it hard to believe that she is only 4 years old!