Thursday, July 26, 2007

Davis' Favorite Book (this week)

Davis has just recently started sitting still long enough to read an entire book before bed and THIS one is his favorite by far.

Funny enough, it doesn't have many words and Hubby says that is because boys (and men) don't like to talk all that much. In fact, he says, boys (and men) wish girls (and women) wouldn't talk all that much, either.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Mary Fowler's Favorite Book This Week

This sweet book was a gift from our little cousin who met us at Disney World. It is so cute and we've read it every night this week before bed. A little excerpt:

"How many kisses do you want, sweetie pie?"
Mommy Butterfly asks her Little Flutterby.

"I want FOUR," Little Butterfly sings,
Folding up his tired, tiny wings.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Friend Who Got Away

Last night something was wrong with my internet so I did something I haven't done in like 8 months: iron. There wasn't much on TV- and, as I've said before, I have to have the TV on before I even think about touching laundry. I was watching Beauty and the Geek. Painful. But, I'll probably check back again. And then, Primetime's Family Secrets- Daniel Baldwin- cocain addict Baldwin brother. Barely interesting- not sure he's gonna recover. 

So, I ironed a few things and then headed up to bed to read. I'm reading The Friend That Got Away, and it's pretty interesting. It definitely has me thinking about some girlfriends I used to be close with but aren't anymore.