Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not Quite A Potterybarn Ad, But We're Getting There...

Supercute playroom picture from Potterybarn Kids

As I have mentioned, my husband is very particular.  These disorganized toys were driving him crazy so we took advantage of Davis' nap (and Mary Fowler being at my parent's house) to get things together for charity and for the trash. We grouped:

-riding toys
-dress-up clothes
-play kitchen items

And I have to say, he was right! It looks great!!

I couldn't wait to get home and find out what Mary Fowler would say when she saw the changes. I was a little concerned that she would not be happy with everything placed into storage containers out of view but Adam said she was thrilled and said, "Daddy, it's all so beautiful, it makes me not want to play with anything!" 

Oh good!! That's exactly what daddy was hoping for!!

Only kidding.

But he told me she proceeded to bring out the keyboard and sing him three songs each 10 minutes in length thanking him for making it look so nice. She is SO her father's daughter (loving the organizing part... not the musical part)!

One funny thing I want to mention in case I forget later came up while we were in the playroom. Mary Fowler, like her mother- me, didn't have very many baby words. My mom jokes that I would correct her grammar and the only baby word I ever used was down'd'airs so she would make me say it all the time. 

Likewise, Mary Fowler calls her binoculars 'r'inoculars so we just couldn't get rid of those.

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