Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ameila Bedelia

I remember loving the Amelia Bedelia books when I was little. I have kind of been waiting until I thought Mary Fowler was old enough to 'get' the humor in them. Amelia Bedelia is so LITERAL! So yesterday when I was trying to procrastinate needing coffee anyway, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked some up.

When I went to pick the kids up from school, it felt almost like Christmas morning! I gave Davis a kiss, put him down for a nap and Mary Fowler and I snuggled in my bed reading all three I bought (plus a Halloween Berenstein Bears book, which I actually think she liked best).

She really did enjoy them, and she told her teacher today that Amelia Bedelia and the Baby is now her favorite book. I think this is just one example of how fun it will be to re-live some of our own childhood through our kids.

One other thing I don't want to forget: A girlfriend told me at the playground yesterday (where Davis was going up and down the slideover and over and over and over, all by himself- laughing the whole time. Proud as a peacock!) 

Where was I? Oh, yes, my girlfriend said she was welcoming a new neighbor into the 'hood and then asked their 4 year-old daughter how her first day of preschool went. She told my friend that "Mary Fowler was very nice and sweet to her." 

Now, who's proud as a peacock!!

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