Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beachcombing for a Shipwrecked God

This evening I am sitting in a comfy chair reading this yummy book (finally a good book club book!) with my new favorite strawberry basil martini.  Adam has his extra dirty martini so we are happy campers!

Sunday night I played host to our book group. I am still trying to figure out why I was asked to be a part of this motley crew almost a year ago but I am flattered, I think. This is no chick-lit, fun book club. We read textbooks... textbooks, people! Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but suffice it to say that a couple of times, I didn't waste my time reading the book. I watched the movie. There, I said it. That's right, my version of cliffnotes... I watched the movie. 

Good thing, too, because that Piano Teacher was some crazy sh*t! I would have been very upset if I'd wasted several nights reading that book! (And, technically, I did read it! The movie was subtitled... subtitled, people!) Take it from me, don't waste your time.

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