Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Go-To Dip

Lawwwd have mercy! (As my Richmond aunts say) What a busy and FUN time of year! Whew!

Our annual Cookie and Ornament Exchange was lots of fun! Sunday was pretty stressful getting everything together... and the kids and husbands organized... but a tequila shot for the hostesses before everyone arrived really helped settle the nerves!

As is becoming tradition, I gave my ornament number to a friend who forgot her ornament so I don't have one to show... yet...

The dip I brought which I have taken the liberty of naming Kirsten's Dip was a big hit and she was bombarded by people asking her for the recipe. I thought I would share since it is so easy and yummy! I was planning on making another appetizer but when I found myself at the market without my list and very close to (stressful) tears, I pulled this one from memory and it all worked out!

Kirsten's Dip

1 can black eye peas (drained)
1 can white corn (drained)
4 stalks green onion
1 box (square not round) crumbled feta

Mix dressing together and pour over before serving
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup oil

Serve with white corn chips.

Saturday we put the tree up which is such a relief. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't the perfect-family-tree-trimming-party-in-my-head but it got done so I guess it was a success. 

Tonight I am hoping to finish my Christmas cards while watching either a fun movie or show and doing laundry.  Sad that this really IS my idea of a fun night!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cheesy Sweaters and Cooky Cookies

Why did they spell "Cookie" that way?? This book has a history! My mom has a really old copy and when I was pregnant with Mary Fowler, her sister gave her this new reprint of the exact same book- complete with '70s photos. It just seems to be the only Christmas cookie book we use!
Last night I attended a Wine and Cheesy holiday sweater party. I had a great time! My mom was kind enough to lend a friend and I her very beautiful (and not at all cheesy- she's a reader) sweaters. And she'll be happy to know that most everyone commented that the one I was wearing was adorable! Pink and green, no doubt!  

I was greeted with a yummy cordial of Bailey's and Butterscotch schnapps which I haven't had since the night of my 21st birthday... the night my sorority girlfriends almost killed me with their kindness of buying me too many shots at our favorite college bar. 

I am not normally into dressing up but it was so funny seeing my normally so fashion-conscience girlfriends in some real BEAUTIES! I also liked the mix of girls- I thought conversation was great- we had a lot of laughs!