Friday, December 5, 2008

Cheesy Sweaters and Cooky Cookies

Why did they spell "Cookie" that way?? This book has a history! My mom has a really old copy and when I was pregnant with Mary Fowler, her sister gave her this new reprint of the exact same book- complete with '70s photos. It just seems to be the only Christmas cookie book we use!
Last night I attended a Wine and Cheesy holiday sweater party. I had a great time! My mom was kind enough to lend a friend and I her very beautiful (and not at all cheesy- she's a reader) sweaters. And she'll be happy to know that most everyone commented that the one I was wearing was adorable! Pink and green, no doubt!  

I was greeted with a yummy cordial of Bailey's and Butterscotch schnapps which I haven't had since the night of my 21st birthday... the night my sorority girlfriends almost killed me with their kindness of buying me too many shots at our favorite college bar. 

I am not normally into dressing up but it was so funny seeing my normally so fashion-conscience girlfriends in some real BEAUTIES! I also liked the mix of girls- I thought conversation was great- we had a lot of laughs!

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