Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Out of Jail Free

As I'm sure I've said before, I was lucky enough to have my girlfriend Amy who became a mother before me and preached being a "sleep nazi." It was so good for me to hear how matter-of-fact she was about putting the baby on a good sleep schedule- for everyone's benefit! While I didn't read the whole book, I believe On Becoming Babywise was the book I referred to. 

I certainly did not learn this mindset from my sweet parents who I don't think ever thought we- as kids- needed naps... (oh, the horror!! I cannot imagine!!)

So, we've really never had sleep issues. But lately, with the introduction of the new bunk beds, and Mary Fowler giving up her nighttime security item (from Harry Potter, "that which shall not be named") the kids have been having some issues.

I consulted my John Rosemond Parent Power book and he suggested using a "ticket system" where each child gets one ticket to be redeemed for ONE time getting up and out of bed. If they get up after that one time, they have consequences including a) going to bed one hour earlier the next day and b) losing a privilege like having a friend over.

He goes into all the details and luckily he even predicted that the first night they will almost certainly get up more than once (which they did).

I can tell that after a few nights, Mary Fowler will be back on track.

My sweet Davis, though, is still learning...

I was in my room putting some clothes away when I heard a little knock at my door. I looked over in that direction, saw his "ticket" slide under the door and heard a little voice say,

"Here's your ticket!"

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