Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of Big Boy Blue Jeans and Bump-Its

Oh how I love these two kids!  After a busy day, I remembered that Mary Fowler's dance class begins... tomorrow.  It was after 5pm so the dance shop was closed but I remembered someone telling me that some of the consignment stores carry gently used dance shoes... and they stay open until 8pm!!

We found a perfect pair of tap shoes ($4.50!!) and they carry brand new tights so I was thrilled!  I will probably be able to buy her a pair of ballet shoes while she is at school tomorrow.  But the best part and what I most want to remember is that Davis got his first pair of blue jeans.

As I was walking up to pay, we passed an aisle of jeans and I asked Davis if he'd like to look at them.  His eyes got huge and I got a VERY excited "YESSSSS!"  So we quickly found a precious pair of Timberland blue jeans- size 4T ($10).  He immediately started taking his shoes and pants off and put them on.  My only regret is that I did not take a picture.  C-U-T-E!!!  And he felt like such a big boy!  He just kept saying over and over how he couldn't wait to show daddy!

We still had one more stop at the drug store for Zyrtec.  And again- they kept me laughing- Mary Fowler really wanting a "Bump It" and Davis thinking I sure need the (also infomercial product) brownie baker/cutter thingy.  As my friend Lizzie says, "I can't wait for my birthday!"  Ha!  

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