Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Fun!

After I walk the kids into school, Charlotte (our dog) and I meet my mom on the corner and walk for an hour. It has been so nice to catch up and get some exercise out of the way before I was even awake during the summer!

One morning she had to practically drag me to a fundraiser book sale but we had the best time! Each bag of books you filled was $5 and then I came home to look at all of my treasures! Three books are Christmas gifts for extended family names I drew, some are for Mary Fowler, one is for Davis, and the rest are mine!

If you look at the stack on the top, right of this photo, I have this thing for little, old, nothin' fancy church cookbooks.  They seem to have the best recipes with the fewest ingredients. You know they are the tried and true recipes.  And the small one on the ring had two recipes that mom and I have been looking for! I have always needed more specific instructions on the homeade heath bar toffee and mom wanted a particular hot, creamy crab dip recipe. What luck!

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