Monday, November 14, 2011

Coffee Tables

In our new house, we have some additional rooms to furnish. When I saw this Thibaut picture, it became my inspiration for what we call the family room. This room's function is kind of a more relaxed living room. It has a television and a gas fireplace but if the family is going to watch a movie together, we'll be going to a different, more comfortable room with more media and a large sectional.

I just love the "feel" of this Thibaut room. So calming. Well, as always, the budget spoils my "dream rooms." We have so much to do that I couldn't exactly replicate this look or it would be the only finished room in the house! Crushing, considering that I actually did find all the elements to copy this look... I couldn't believe it when a consignor friend had a version of this sofa! While I did consider buying it and redoing it, I changed my mind and opted to keep and use a sofa we already have. Thus changing the room completely! I did print this picture for her, though, because someone should buy that sofa and redo it like this!

Another element I loved about this picture was the coffee table. That gold bamboo and glass is just gorgeous! On a trip to Greenfront in Farmville I found this absolutely gorgeous beauty from Ferguson Copeland, my new favorite table maker! This table is to die for in person! It is large and I think it's the prettiest table I've ever seen. I love it and I think about it daily! It isn't even crazy expensive at $1,500. Some of the painted tables I love from oopmh are double that for painted wood!

Copeland Ferguson 50 inch beauty

Luckily, Home Decorators has this table for around $300! The price makes it a lot prettier to me! Despite the photos, they both claim to be 50 inches in length! I have ordered it and will let you know!
Home Decorators 50 inch

Below are some more inspiration photos I found in my folder...

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  1. I could be in the market for the same Home Collectors coffee table in the living room - cute and the price is right!!!!!