Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mary Fowler Knows Best

This weekend, Adam's parents were visiting so we had a couple of family movie nights. And while I gave up Hallmark/Lifetime movies a long time ago (so cheesy!), Mary Fowler picked these and they were sweet stories. Perfect for the whole family and certainly put us in the holiday mood! Thank you, Mary Fowler!


  1. You are back - yeah!!!!! I miss you too!
    If you go to Shades of Light you must ask for Karen Curley. I told her about you when I saw her at a family party last weekend.

    I am going to send you photos for the living room - I am almost there. It's hard to pull it all together in a timely fashion and even harder to photograph it!


  2. I've not heard of either of these, will have to look for, it's always fun to add another holiday movie in with the classics!

  3. Where did you find these movies? Were they at redbox or something you had to buy from Hallmark? I'd love to get them for our annual Holiday Slumber Party with my nieces/nephews! Thanks a bunch! "Aunt Susie" :-)

  4. Susie, what a wonderful aunt you are! We have the streaming Netflix and that is where she found them. I believe they were both either Hallmark or Lifetime movies. Then I did see "A Golden Christmas 2" at Target the other day... but I did not purchase. Try Amazon.com maybe!