Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Juicy Lucy Comfort

Mary Fowler's version of a Juicy Lucy

This past week I realize that I must be coming off a "moving high."  Being a mom who wants to make everything okay, I'm sure that Adam and I worked extra hard to make this move as smooth as possible for the kids.  Change is hard for anyone so we wanted to lead a strong, stable example, even though we were not always so certain ourselves!

Honestly, we are all so happy here.  And maybe because of that, I have felt my mind and body kind of relax or let down a bit.  I feel a little bit tired, a little bit short-fused... a little less happy-go-lucky.  So, I have been turning to things that lift me up... like my bible study and COOKING!!

I've been baking, making soup, and watching my favorite girls: Giada, Barefoot Contessa, and Paula Deen!  Does everyone love food as much as I do??

Looking through some pictures we took after the move, I found this one and it made me laugh!  Our family loves Adam Richmond from Man Versus Food.  I don't so much care for his eating contests but I think he is such a cute, nice, and FUNNY guy!  I bet he and my husband would be best friends in real life.

Well, he visits neighborhood eateries in different cities and his Juicy Lucy (which is an egg-topped, cheese-filled hamburger) has always been something Mary Fowler wanted to try.  So (my) Adam made some for dinner and Mary Fowler was thrilled!  True comfort food.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

No Fun

Isn't this laundry room beautiful!  I got the picture off of Laura Casey Interiors 

I as well as my husband wish I was one of those women who couldn't fathom leaving the house until the house was perfectly tidy.  Those ladies are waaay more productive and efficient.  On days like today, I have to literally force myself to stay in pajamas so that I will stay here and fold the mountain of cleaned & dried laundry and take down my Christmas decorations.

As my dear friend B always says, we are folding to the Glory of God!

White Kitchens

We need to update our kitchen at some point so here are some more inspiration photos I've come across on Pinterest.  I love the lanterns in the picture above.

These glass front cabinets are amazing.  I can tell just from this photo that I would love this entire home.

Love the window treatment (I have the same fabric in brown)- not a color choice I would have thought about but it looks great!  

Love the symmetry, layout, and lighting.

Love the countertop and faucet.

Love the wall of windows/doors.

And in the future I need to take the extra time and save photos from Pinterest naming the source so I can label here... didn't think about that when I was saving these.  Sorry!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mae Mae Paperie

I love Joss & Main way more than One Kings Lane!  I think there are more items for me and at better prices!  These stamps from Mae Mae Paperie are gorgeous!  They would be perfect for my friend Alyson- very much her style.  The prices were around $26 which is SO reasonable and you can use it forever!  Or until you move!

With the move, I got a new printer and it's kind of acting up.  If I can't print my invitations and stationery, I'll be so disappointed!  These stamps are a great alternative!

Before & After: Playroom


 I promise this is one of the last before & after posts!  I am not a good photographer but anyone who is like me loves seeing what a little paint can transform.  Actually, this room wasn't all that bad.  The previous owners added it on, and from what I can tell, used it as a music/media room.  Per the contract, they left the TV and all the media components.  

Our family is big on "movie night" so we have really enjoyed this room.  Adam insisted on that big leather sectional and I have to say that I like being able to relax and not worry about spills, etc.  It does have a bathroom, which is nice- making it the 5th, and the reason we run out of toilet paper faster than I can buy it! We have since added an ottoman but I'm too lazy to take more pictures.  Does it look like the doll stroller collection has gone down in size?  Well, it hasn't.  The rest of them are in her bedroom.  She has a problem.

For this room: 
we had it painted: Dover white trim, BM Bali for the walls
Floors refinished and stained darker
Of course there's more to do but this is it for now.

These pillows I bought from Etsy (three different sellers, of course) and I loved seeing how some of those talented women put different fabrics together.  But I'm not sure they are really any cheaper when you're dealing with decorator fabrics.  For me, it was just easier than buying the fabric and then hiring someone to make them.  Then the whole deal about ordering inserts that are a smidge larger for the "v-cut" look... it was like brain surgery!  Actually it's pretty obvious I forgot to fluff these pillows before snapping a picture.  The inserts are oversized.  Losing interest quickly...

And below are the pictures I took when we viewed the house:


Maybe we should have written that sign into the contract??

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pantry Organization

I want my pantry to look like these!!

Before and After: Sunroom

Sunroom/Office Now

Now I'm just on the hunt for a new ceiling fan
Sorry for all the Before/After shots, my friends in Roanoke begged for pictures.
The sunroom truly had no purpose so I wanted it to be used for MY office!  Let me tell you, it came in very handy for Christmas wrapping!!  Adam also has a  chair space so all of our technology is sequestered right here!

We did have to replace the hardwood floors due to damaged wood so we lightened up the space and made it more useful to our family.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Before and After: Foyer



The foyer of the house had nice size and moldings but the beige-in-every-shade just seemed a bit outdated and depressing.  So, we had the painters work their magic, had the floors refinished, and removed several doors.  It was a pretty easy fix!

I love that orange lamp from Shades of Light

I do need a foyer rug eventually

Two hall coat closets with display shelves
flank the entrance to the living room french doors

One of my favorite things about the Holidays: Christmas cards!!

And the other hall closet has MORE Christmas cards!!

Sunday Morning

Our kitchen needs a redo so we have been living without a stove-top!  We have an oven but no working burners.  And the short story is that we don't want to replace it until we decide on the final appliances so they all match.  Well, believe it or not, survival hasn't been all that difficult.  Davis is the one this hurts the most because he could eat pasta for every meal.

Over the holidays my sweet mom brought her electric griddle for us why didn't I think of that?! and we have used it every day!

We've made pancakes so often from withdrawl that I ran out of my usual pancake mix that you just add water to!  This recipe is very simple and delicious, so the kids say we can't go back to Bisquick mix!  This morning I doubled it and ran out of milk so I used a combo of sour cream and water and Mary Fowler said they were better that way!  I think it's very forgiving- and those are my favorite recipes!

Fluffy Pancakes

1 cup Flour
2 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons Baking Powder
1 Teaspoon Salt
1 Egg, beaten
1 cup Milk
2 Tablespoons Oil

Mix all ingredients together and pour by 1/4 cup sizes onto griddle.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Before and After: Family Room

I think this room was the hardest for me to see past when we were house-hunting.  It is large (so difficult for furniture placement), it has several doorways (five) and all the dark cherry wood was just plain... depressing.  (But, does anyone have the time??  Check all those clocks!  only kidding...)

Now I really can hardly recognize the old photos.  It really feels like a new room.

While one day I would love to add some more built-in cabinets and redo the fireplace, our quick fix included:

Paint, paint, and more paint Dover White and SW 6204 Sea Salt
Removing several sets of doors
Refinishing the hardwood floors
Adding a custom natural fiber area rug
Removing the fan and adding recessed lighting
Using our existing sofa but updating with pillows from Caitlin Wilson Textiles
Adding a new coffee table and chairs from Home Decorators
Recovering an existing chair and ottoman
Finally adding some starburst mirrors and lamps from Joss and Main and Home Goods