Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Before & After: Playroom


 I promise this is one of the last before & after posts!  I am not a good photographer but anyone who is like me loves seeing what a little paint can transform.  Actually, this room wasn't all that bad.  The previous owners added it on, and from what I can tell, used it as a music/media room.  Per the contract, they left the TV and all the media components.  

Our family is big on "movie night" so we have really enjoyed this room.  Adam insisted on that big leather sectional and I have to say that I like being able to relax and not worry about spills, etc.  It does have a bathroom, which is nice- making it the 5th, and the reason we run out of toilet paper faster than I can buy it! We have since added an ottoman but I'm too lazy to take more pictures.  Does it look like the doll stroller collection has gone down in size?  Well, it hasn't.  The rest of them are in her bedroom.  She has a problem.

For this room: 
we had it painted: Dover white trim, BM Bali for the walls
Floors refinished and stained darker
Of course there's more to do but this is it for now.

These pillows I bought from Etsy (three different sellers, of course) and I loved seeing how some of those talented women put different fabrics together.  But I'm not sure they are really any cheaper when you're dealing with decorator fabrics.  For me, it was just easier than buying the fabric and then hiring someone to make them.  Then the whole deal about ordering inserts that are a smidge larger for the "v-cut" look... it was like brain surgery!  Actually it's pretty obvious I forgot to fluff these pillows before snapping a picture.  The inserts are oversized.  Losing interest quickly...

And below are the pictures I took when we viewed the house:


Maybe we should have written that sign into the contract??


  1. such an amazing space and I like it so much more with your colors, furniture and touches.

    Did the previous owner really sit in those funny little chairs to watch their big screen?

    So great to talk to you today - definitely the day's highlight!

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! I loved talking with you, too!! Have a wonderful weekend!!