Sunday, January 8, 2012

Before and After: Foyer



The foyer of the house had nice size and moldings but the beige-in-every-shade just seemed a bit outdated and depressing.  So, we had the painters work their magic, had the floors refinished, and removed several doors.  It was a pretty easy fix!

I love that orange lamp from Shades of Light

I do need a foyer rug eventually

Two hall coat closets with display shelves
flank the entrance to the living room french doors

One of my favorite things about the Holidays: Christmas cards!!

And the other hall closet has MORE Christmas cards!!


  1. I love the fresh new paint color and the display shelves look lovely.

  2. Your home is so gorgeous! I love Richmond. The strangest thing happen, I got your last blog post on my blog roll about couponing part 2 then nothing until tonight? But the post dates are from other dates in January?? I am all caught up now and have to say Bravo ! When do you sleep. Paint is a miracle in a can:) I never got your new address to send our Christmas card. I saw our buddy Liz's beautiful card on your door:)

  3. Blog Roll is over my head?? I wonder the same thing about you all (ie sleep!)!?!? I am pretty slack... just had some girlfriends who wanted to see the house picts so I knocked those out quickly :)