Friday, January 6, 2012

Before and After: Living Room



I love Before and After photos as much as anyone! And our Richmond house is a classic example of, "What a difference paint can make!" There are SO many lovely areas to live in Richmond and I know we would be happy in any of them. They all have their positives and negatives. But my husband was a little bit less open-minded more certain.

I could maybe have been lured to the newer, larger, more crowded areas but he would have none of that! And I also liked some very pretty homes right in the city but after passing through the front door, the older layouts and awkward rooms would cost more to overhaul than we could afford. So, after narrowing down the searchable area, we chose a fairly normal Colonial style home on wonderful flat neighborhood streets that I could see our kids riding their bikes on EVERY day, which they have!


This is our living room which we painted a very light green so that I could bring all of my old furniture right in.  For a while it was the most "done" room in the house because we already had everything. Of course, I'm sure I'll want to update things in the future, but for now, this room stays pretty empty and therefore tidy! I still have some pictures and mirrors to hang, but for now (as I always do) I've lost interest in decorating and in my house in general.

Another view
after paint and refinished hardwoods but before furniture

~Previous Owner- Before~

Now I'd like to learn how to take beautiful interior photos.  What lenses, lighting, etc. 


  1. I think you did a great job of your photos AND decorating. It looks so beautiful and done for not having been there very long. I love that what you had fit - great job!

    As for interior photos....let me know when you find out. I have a hard time with the perspective. I want the photo to really look like the room.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! I know what you mean about the photos looking like the room! Maybe 3Peanuts could help us out! I'm clueless!