Monday, January 9, 2012

Before and After: Sunroom

Sunroom/Office Now

Now I'm just on the hunt for a new ceiling fan
Sorry for all the Before/After shots, my friends in Roanoke begged for pictures.
The sunroom truly had no purpose so I wanted it to be used for MY office!  Let me tell you, it came in very handy for Christmas wrapping!!  Adam also has a  chair space so all of our technology is sequestered right here!

We did have to replace the hardwood floors due to damaged wood so we lightened up the space and made it more useful to our family.



  1. Don't be sorry....every time I see a new post it feels like Christmas!
    What on earth was going on out there before....interesting!
    Love the colors and freshness that you brought to the space. It's really amazing. I am building in a desk in our mudroom - designs in the works. Anything you like or don't like about your built ins?

    This house seems huge - big rooms and lots of them! So happy for you!

    ps....i would be in big trouble sharing a desk with my husband!

  2. Wow!!! Dreamy!! Love what you did!