Thursday, January 5, 2012

Couponing for "Normal" People (part 2)

I think I got a bit wordy with my last post (click here to see Part One) about using the store shopper card. I just find it interesting and surprising that out of $150 savings on Tuesday, I only used 12 coupons (plus a couple duplicates). Adam and I have used a financial budget for over 12 years now. And when I'm 80 years old (IF we're still living and IF we're still married) and Willard Scott asks what our secret is, I plan to tell him, "It's the budget!"

So, I wanted to look at past receipts and compare because I've always used my Kroger card, but in the past my average savings were right around 10%. This shopping trip, my savings was were? 32%. That's one-third of my bill! The difference is the combination of strategic shopping and coupons, albeit only 12 of them!

The major difference I've learned from CouponMom is that there is a MUCH simpler process than clipping coupons every Sunday.

Step One: Order delivery of Sunday newspaper to your home. If you have more than 4 people in your family, you should probably order 2 each week.

Step Two: When the Sunday paper arrives, remove the 2-3 coupon inserts (RedPlum, Smart Source, and sometimes Proctor & Gamble) and write the date at the top and place them in a box. See my picture above. No clipping yet.

Step Three: Check CouponMom's website by joining for free, clicking on your state, and clicking on a store. I get overwhelmed easily so I just started with ONE store- Kroger. She and her peeps have done all of the work for us.

Just click on the items you are interested in. My husband and I sorted by and focused on the items that had savings of 50% or more. I definitely clicked on items with less than 50% savings but only if it was something I knew we would use... and needed soon. We clicked on those items, narrowed our search, and printed out the list. Shown here:

See how these items do not have a coupon code to the left? That means they are just Kroger card savings items. If they have a date and a code on the left (for example, 01-01 PG), you go to your box o' coupon inserts, look for the Proctor & Gamble (PG) insert you received on January 1st (01-01) and clip only that coupon, and then place the insert, neatly, back into the box. Isn't that better than having millions of random coupons floating around?!?

Final note: Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I wish this final list (from CouponMom) could be sorted by grocery store department. Next week, I may make my own list organized that way. Good luck!!


  1. I got a bit overwhelmed last night. I registered with Coupon Mom , checked off my state, and 3 stores... publix, Walmart and CVS . Maybe I should start with one? When I got Walmarts coupon email I realized that I was searching for items we use. ( that wouldn't normally be on my list?) that isn't worth a trip to Walmart for me. I will go back and focus only on Publix and see if that helps. Always grateful for your tips , fingers crossed.

  2. Lizziefitz- I get so overwhelmed, too! We're just starting to become aware- that's the goal. It helped me to just try one store and to focus on a few items at the highest percentage savings (60-80%). And as Adam says, if you save something on even ONE item we normally use, it's worth it!

  3. Just catching up on your posts - my kids want to know why I don't use coupons after watching the Xtreme Coupon tv show. Most coupons are for brands/products we don't use - lots of prepackaged foods and I try to stay away from those foods. Am so curious to follow along with you - your success might change my mind!