Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Oh how I love the fresh start of a New Year! I truly feel that each year gets better than the last. I love reflecting on the highlights but I most enjoy thinking about the coming one and any changes I'd like to make.

I haven't even looked at my last year's resolutions (need to do that and hold myself accountable...) but I know that one of them was my photography Project 365. While I did take a LOT of photos last year... and practically daily... I failed at posting one each day like I had planned. I really do want to learn how to better use my fancy camera and my brother-in-law and I are talking about taking a class in March.

But my more immediate resolutions are the usual: get more organized, make more time for exercise, shower and get ready for the day (as opposed to picking the kids up from school in the same clothes I dropped them off in- quasi pajamas), and my latest hope: see what all this coupon-ing hype is about!

I have absolutely no desire to be a crazy stock-piler couponing lady but if I can get more organized and not go to the store daily and save money, then I'm in! I will keep you posted!

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