Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Juicy Lucy Comfort

Mary Fowler's version of a Juicy Lucy

This past week I realize that I must be coming off a "moving high."  Being a mom who wants to make everything okay, I'm sure that Adam and I worked extra hard to make this move as smooth as possible for the kids.  Change is hard for anyone so we wanted to lead a strong, stable example, even though we were not always so certain ourselves!

Honestly, we are all so happy here.  And maybe because of that, I have felt my mind and body kind of relax or let down a bit.  I feel a little bit tired, a little bit short-fused... a little less happy-go-lucky.  So, I have been turning to things that lift me up... like my bible study and COOKING!!

I've been baking, making soup, and watching my favorite girls: Giada, Barefoot Contessa, and Paula Deen!  Does everyone love food as much as I do??

Looking through some pictures we took after the move, I found this one and it made me laugh!  Our family loves Adam Richmond from Man Versus Food.  I don't so much care for his eating contests but I think he is such a cute, nice, and FUNNY guy!  I bet he and my husband would be best friends in real life.

Well, he visits neighborhood eateries in different cities and his Juicy Lucy (which is an egg-topped, cheese-filled hamburger) has always been something Mary Fowler wanted to try.  So (my) Adam made some for dinner and Mary Fowler was thrilled!  True comfort food.

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  1. Great picture! How was it??

    I have heard of that show, but have not seen it. Is it on Food Network or the Cooking Channel?

    I also find puttering around the kitchen, cooking, (with my little tv turned to HGTV) comforting. Tried a new club sandwich recipe, made muffins, and a big dinner on MLK day.