Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Couponing for "Normal" People

Okay, I have now spoken on the phone to my mom and sister and they want to try this project with me. There is so much information that I get a little overwhelmed so I'm going to start off slow and easy. We will become more efficient with each lesson but let's start small. Most of us probably already do this but here goes:

I don't think there are many "coupons" for produce. Our family eats a lot from this department of the grocery store so I wasn't sure how to cut costs in this area. But, no matter where you shop for groceries, they usually have "specials." This week for example, Bell Peppers, Bartlett & Anjou Pears, and Avocados - along with lots of other items- are on sale at Kroger. My family definitely uses all of these items so I bought them using my Kroger card. The strategic part is buying the fruit on sale instead of all of the fruit not on sale.

I was aware (which is the most important thing) and I did not pick up the pre-packaged "Stoplight" peppers which were selling for 3/$5.99 instead I bought 3 colorful bell peppers for $3.75 (and you don't have to buy 3... we will eat them but only buy as much as you'll eat... $1.25 each). That is an obvious savings. Baby steps...

Another example; there were two other (breeds?) types of pears I could have plucked for my cart, but I checked the stickers (and the blaring yellow sale sign) and bought the pears that were $.99/pound instead of $2-3.99 per pound! Same with the Braeburn, Cameo, or Jonagold Apples.

On the other hand, carrots are not on sale this week. We HAVE to have carrots so I bought carrots.

This is all simply using the store shopper card. Painless, really.

I am using the very helpful but not at all pretty or interesting Coupon website. I think I visited and joined this website years ago but quickly lost interest. Only when I viewed a Coupon Mom video on YouTube did I feel like giving this a try.

Go to YouTube and click on one of her videos. Choose one where the actual blonde Coupon Mom is physically in a grocery store. I found her to be MUCH more relate-able than the women I've seen on the Extreme Couponing shows.

The people that she talks about just going in the store and paying full price... that was ME! I would just walk in, get what I need and pay full price. If I can get the exact same things for less, that is exciting to me!


  1. Just found your site from One Fabulous Mom. I have to say you "about me" really sounded a lot like me (minus the ballerina wish).

    And as far as couponing. I would love use coupons for my groceries, but like many people, the bulk of my cart gets filled with perishables. Who wants to shop their garage pantry when it's brownie mix and Hamburger Helper?

  2. Meg- I know what you mean! I'm excited about the "strategic shopping" savings on healthy foods!

  3. First off, so glad you are blogging again! Or I found your new blog!! I started couponing/stategic shopping about 2 years ago and have saved a ton! I am like you in the fact I am not really into coupons and I only shop and buy the sale items from the weekly ads. I typically go to 1 or 2 stores a week buying my items and have reduced my grocery bill in half! You will get to the point that you have stock piled enough of your basics when they are on sale that your savings will really show. I do not have more than 4-6 items of any one product just enough to get me to the next sale. Most items go on sale every 4-12 weeks so if you can buy your food on sale and enough to last till the next sale you are doing good. I buy my meat on sale and freeze it and then I always have something in the freezer for dinner. I cannot believe i used to never read the ads and just buy what I needed! It kills me to think how much time and money I wasted shopping like that. I would also go to the store daily. You will love this new way of shopping and the savings.. Good luck!