Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Bye Garden Club, Hello...

Bible study!?!?

You know the saying, when one door closes, another opens??  Well, I had to laugh one day last week when I was sitting at my desk hand-writing a letter of resignation from the garden club I was a member of and received a phone call.  (Now that we've moved, I am not longer a resident of that city (obvi) so this is just a formality relinquishing me of my financial and time obligations)  The irony is that here in Richmond, we now have a BIG, FLAT, NEEDY yard and I really could use the advice of those talented ladies!

Perhaps I was feeling a little bit nostalgic... when we lived in Roanoke, we were members of right around 10 social organizations.  And while I loved them all for different reasons, when we moved, we consciously made the decision to change that up a bit.  The thing is- we LOVE people!  We feel energized when we spend time with friends!  Having said that, we were also craving a re-focus and a simplification back down to our little four-person family.  I don't know any better way to say it type it??

So back to that phone call... before I could even sign my name, the phone rang and it was my bible study core leader asking me to serve in a leadership position.  Now that's funny AND ironic!

Please remember, I told her... "I was raised Catholic and I am willing to bet that any Protestant 4 year old knows more Bible stories than I do!"

Apparently you don't have to be a Bible scholar to be a group leader...  So I am stepping out of my old comfort zone... and into a new one!


  1. You will be a wonderful bile study leader! I will pray for you and your new role:)

  2. Whoah. You were in _ten_ organizations? I can barely manage three.
    My two are still in pre-school, but am on the hunt for something beyond the PTA. An organization I won't outgrow as my kids graduate! PEO, JL I know of what else is out there for a gal? If you were in any national organizations or even if not. Please give me ideas. I'll be sad when I am srnding both out the door and need to find someting.

    Have fun in your new role. You sound like a born leader.

  3. You'll be great at this and it might be a way to meet some new people.

  4. Thank you, ladies! And Meg, send me your email address! I'll tell you about them all- national and local!

  5. I have been reading your blog from way back. I've missed you and your posts. Just checked it for the first time in a long time because I thought you were gone for good. I think you are so much like me and my thoughts and ideas that it scares me sometimes. Anyway, I just had to share that the one thing I always saw that was different in our lives was that I have been involved in Bible studies for a long time as a married woman. Not much as a child. My life was changed once I started a daily study. I actually have prayed before that you would meet someone who would invite you to a Bible study. I think my prayers were answered. I can tell by your lingo..core group...that you are a CBS girl. Me too. I'm thankful to God for your willingness to not only participate but now be a leader. He will bless you immensely!

  6. Bee Hive- I'm speechless! Thank you! Are you still writing?