Monday, February 6, 2012

Key Lime Pie

I am laughing out loud!

A girl I went to high school with just found me on Facebook and left me a little message because she thought I might not remember who she was. (Of course, I did) 

In her message, she told me she still makes, "my key lime pie recipe."

She is way too kind. I certainly did not create it, and it is hardly a "recipe"!  Too funny!

Easy as it is, it tastes pretty good on a hot summer day and we do still make it from time to time. My husband who can grill/cook any meat to perfection but would be LOST if a vegetarian came for dinner proudly calls this pie his specialty... poor guy...

So, here it is!
Limeade Pie

1 tub of Cool Whip
1 can sweetened condensed milk 
1 small can limeade (in the freezer section)
1 ready-made graham cracker pie crust
a few drops green food coloring if you really want to throw them off!
lime slices to garnish

Combine the first three ingredients (I've never tried the food coloring bit) and pour into the pie shell. Garnish with the lime slices. Refrigerate or freeze for at least two hours, preferably longer so it will set up well.

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