Monday, February 6, 2012

Recipe Cards

One of my very stylish friends once gave me a jar of her favorite salsa with recipe attached, written on her own personalized recipe card!  What a wonderful gift!

I made my own 4x6 monogrammed recipe cards but aren't these cute from Monogram Chick !  Willams-Sonoma also offers some that are more classical. 

While most of my recipes are just printed off, I think the handwritten ones are the best!  To see someone's handwriting is so special!  If I had some heirloom handwritten recipes, I would photograph or scan to preserve them.

And after you order your gorgeous personalized recipe cards, you can keep them in this gorgeous, monogrammed recipe book or the personalized acrylic box

1 comment:

  1. The 4x6 recipe cards are super cute! I'm supposed to try to cook more at home as well-and I swear sometimes the box ends up tasting better than if I made it from scratch.