Friday, February 3, 2012

Sloppy Success

I was talking to a friend I admire the other day as I was taking down Christmas decorations and I was telling her I need to make a list of some changes I'd like to make in my Christmas decor for next year.  For example,

All-matching wrapping paper & wonderful bows

Because usually, I have rolls left over from previous years and the presents are lucky to get wrapped at all!  Much less be adorned with lovely bows!

I'd also like to make:

A lovely glass ball wreath

Although I'm sure it takes a lot of searching and $$$ for the ornaments, patience to put it all together, and then I would probably be afraid to break it!  This one from Your Paris Market ($72) is made of non-breakable ornaments.

My list could go on and on!  I think of probably 10 projects a day I'd like to do!

And then I read an article in a local Richmond magazine by a woman who is a parenting expert.  She said that her mantra is "Our goal should be Sloppy Successes, not Perfect Failure."

This is what I need.  How many times have I tried to do something "perfectly" and end up frustrating my family and myself in the process??  Many times.  The costs do not outweigh the benefits.  We snap at our favorite people- our family- faster and easier than our friends.  At the end of the day I want my kids to FEEL how loved they are and FEEL that they had a mom who loved and cared for them more than anything.  Not feel that they had a Martha Stewart mom.

After talking with several friends, I know that this is a daily struggle for all of us.  But keeping this mantra in my head helps...

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  1. 3 peanuts posted about a wreath like that she made, after a lot of collecting ornaments and planning....

    it is hard to balance the two...