Friday, April 27, 2012


Aren't books the best gifts!?!?!

When I got home from a book group evening, I found this book and note on my pillow.

"Hope you enjoy the book!!!  It personally is the best book I have ever read." ~Mary Fowler

She received it as a birthday party gift and loved it!  Although, she is a little like me and enjoys almost every book... so we aren't the best reviewers...

Nightly, we've been reading Peter Pan to Davis.  My sister gave it to him for his birthday and we are all enjoying it!  I never really got into Peter Pan (although it is my favorite ride at Disney World) but I am liking the story more as a book.

Our book group read this although I didn't get a copy of it in time so I'll have to read it later.  The story and area intrigues me as it takes place where the author grew up in Southwestern Virginia- a little further west than Roanoke!  I think all of the girls enjoyed it.

And here are just a few of the many books on my TO READ Goodreads list.

Rules of Civility
the Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness

For Women Only



  1. Big Stone Gap looks interesting. My book club is reading The Buddha in the Attic for our June meeting. I'm planning on starting it as soon as I finish The Kitchen House.

    Rules of Civility was very good but not what I'd expected. Hope you like it.

  2. HI there! Again trying to post a comment on my smart, lovely, wonderful daughter's blog...My thought about your love of most books is that you view a book like you do most people - you NEVER judge by its cover and you look persistantly for the good, interesting parts. If YOU can't find them, they are probably not there! Always proud of my sweet Livi! xoxoxo