Thursday, April 5, 2012

Davis' "Angry Bird"-day

Cake Pops from Etsy
For Davis' 6th Birthday, he had his little heart set on a party with his friends at Chuck E Cheese.  At least in these early years, my children usually choose the "cheesy" (literally?) birthday places.  And I know why... the kids have a GREAT time!  I am not the most silly, funny mom so I sometimes forget that kids just want to be  kids!  ... able to run free and wild and play games.  So better at Chuck E Cheese than my house where I have to coordinate everything!
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Of late, Davis is obsessed with Angry Birds.  He very quickly passes every level and uses his money to buy the latest one on Adam's ipad.  We have had to be vigilant to keep game-playing to a minimum and buying this game (a birthday gift) has helped.

Angry Birds (which Davis tells me is so named because the birds are angry that the pigs have stolen their eggs) seems to me to almost be a little engineering/building fascination?  But maybe that's just a worried mom's justification?   Mary Fowler and Davis have spent many days outside building diorama-like nests in their fort.  So I also appreciate whatever they play t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r.

I do love seeing what activities, games, and hobbies the kids are drawn to.  I often wonder if these interests will carry over into adulthood (hopefully engineering, not Angry birds game-playing!)?


  1. Paige loves Angry Birds too....why? : ) Almost got her the board game also...

  2. So cute! Btw, our son is named Davis too. He's 8.