Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Raising Happiness

I'm feeling grateful!

  • Over the weekend, I picked up this book and I am really enjoying it.  Did you know that kindness and generosity are the two main producers of happiness??  Yay!  We can do that!!  I enjoy the author's honesty and candor.  So I definitely recommend it!
  • Received the Father's Day photo books and they are great!  I passed the e-book version to a friend (with a coupon) and she very sweetly replied back, "PRICELESS!"  Her response makes me more excited to wrap them up and give them to the men in the family.
  • We went to my parent's lake house for a nice, 4-day long Memorial Day Weekend and it was so relaxing.  All three bedrooms were filled: my parents had one, my (pregnant) sister and her husband and their almost 2 year old had one, and then our little family had the "bunk bed room."  When I was little, this room had three sets of bunk beds but they've recently removed one set and replaced it with a double bed. I admit I sometimes *fight* the trip: the 3 hour drive each way, the packing and unpacking, the washing, the all 4 of us sleeping in the same room, etc. But Adam is correct when he reminds me that it is all worth it.  Our children LOVE it all!  Except the drive.  
  • We have had such good attitudes and behaviors.  I think everyone's love buckets are full.  
  • Please understand that this lake house is nothing *fancy*.  And I love that every time I found myself saying, "You know, if we painted this and this........." my kids would say that they don't want ANY of it to change.  
  • Then, tonight, we had our big, extended family monthly dinner out.  Adam and my uncle have kept it going... funny, since it was the main thing I wanted to do after finding out we were moving to Richmond.  (I'm the idea girl and Adam is the one who makes it happen.)  The kids LOVE it!  
  • Had so much fun playing tennis.
  • I took the kids to the library the other day after school and while they didn't have the book club book I was looking for, we managed to find a stack of other good ones!  Books are so yummy!  
I saw these on display and picked them up.  For a while Davis was asking about death and Where Do People Go When They Die is beautiful.  He loved it.  And they both loved the book How to Talk to an Autistic Kid.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling grateful. I love your positive attitude. These all sound like good books!

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend at the lake. 3 hours is a long drive but it sounds like it is 100% worth it.

  3. All of those books sound great! I agree, books are yummy! The lake house sounds fun.

  4. Happy ANNIVERSARY!!! The lake house sounds fun although I am sure the drive is not the best.

    I love the book raising happiness. I bought it a while ago and I should probably pull it out as a refresher as summer sometimes gets the best of me.

    I also love your parenting reminders. Sound like you are a great parent. A big part of my work now is parenting coaching and I am astounded at the mistakes people make. I know none of us are perfect but some of it is just common sense. Children who feel loved and fulfilled...behave! Really when children behave badly...they are feeling bad.