Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyday Essentials

I love Caslon tees.  
I realized a looong time ago that I am not a great clothing shopper.  In the 7th grade, I remember my best friend and I convincing our parents to let us buy our back-to-school clothes by ourselves.  I don't remember our moms being there but I can't imagine they just dropped us off at the mall, either?  We each had about $250 to spend and when we left, my girlfriend had several outfits while all I can remember having is 2 sweaters and maybe a pair of jeans (I'm sure there were a few more things in there- I don't think this was the same time we got our matching perms :).  

I remember each of them vividly and I loved them!  One had an argyle-ish pattern... both were pretty classical- but I do remember coming home and thinking, Well, I hope no one gets sick of seeing me wear these!  Ha!  

I think it's a "skill" to be able to know what you need to have a practical, fun wardrobe for your particular life!  And I wasn't born with this skill.  How does everyone else DO it so effortlessly??

With the move, I did clear out some of my things.  But I cleaned out and organized EVERY. OTHER. closet in the house before tackling mine!  And I made myself a promise that I wouldn't buy myself anything until I organized and took inventory!  I have a habit of going to the store and buying something I like when really I need something else.

A few months ago, two of my girlfriends came to visit me and shop and one of them pointed out the long sleeve Caslon tees.  I wouldn't have EVER noticed them!  But now they are my favorite!  

Top from Splash of Pink

So I started paying attention to pieces I need and the list was something like: a slip, better workout bottoms, new tennis shoes, everyday shirts (to wear with dark jeans, white jeans, & shorts), cool everyday skirts (short & long) for hot summer days, casual dresses, cute white shirts (to go with colored shorts & capris), long gold costume necklace, a new purse, and a pair of summer wedges.  Oh, and I like to get a new bathing suit each year.  Fun times.
Capris from Athleta

So after compiling a list over several months, I have begun chipping away at it.  I'm hopeful that I have progressed from my two sweaters and a pair of jeans!

Lilly Pulitzer top


  1. Another great post....I am not very good at thinking of my wardrobe in the big picture. CAbi clothes are like garanimals for adults and help me feel like I have multiple outfits from a few basic pieces.

    I also feel like I lack consistency and focus between the clothes I like - a little anthro, some Boden, CAbi, J. Crew topped off with Lilly Pulitzer. All of these don't always go together!

    I like the pieces you are picking so far.....

  2. Wow....looks like you purchased some great pieces!