Thursday, June 21, 2012

Christmas in July June


Unless you're my mom, it's WAY too early to be thinking about Christmas.  But I saw this on Pinterest and it reminded me that every year I want so badly to have all my gifts under the tree cute and coordinating.

The reality:  I end up with half-used rolls of paper so I decide I'll use them and I'll try again next year.

Well maybe this is my year!  I'm lucky if the presents get wrapped in time, much less have hand-tied bows, so these labels above might be the perfect fix.  I can make them in MSWord and print them on sticky-backed paper from Staples.

Then, I saw this blog that offers FREE printable papers that I could use for the "ribbon" in the above picture.

Here's hoping!

Mel Stampz


  1. Very cute - I too have lofty ambitions that I never seem to pull off. Maybe I need to start as early as your mom!

  2. Love the wrapping inspiration!!! Every year I end up using the leftovers instead of splurging on coordinating papers. At the point that I am wrapping it usually seems like I have already spent enough not to worry about the paper.

  3. OMG! We HAVE to do this! Start shopping now and we can have most of the wrapping done before Thanksgiving. What a beautiful pile of gifts!!!! I would LOVE to help you! Mom

  4. OMG stop making me crazy and thinking about xmas! I can barely make it through cocktail club!! bahahahahaaa