Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Girl

What I wanted most for my daughter was that she be able to soar confidently in her own sky, whatever that may be. 

-- Helen Claes

I think I will always remember tonight even if I had not just run to the computer to write about it.  Mary Fowler and I talked about the end of the school year.  Third grade is pretty much complete.  In a new city.  In a new school.  I just cannot say how happy it makes me that she shares her feelings with me.  I always want to be there for her and for her to know she can come to me with anything and everything!

The year went so well, and yet she is still a little sad, missing her old friends.  Of course she is.  I can empathize, I am missing mine, too!  Looking back, I almost feel like once our house sold and I knew we were really moving, I treated it like a band-aid and ripped it off quickly.  I didn't think it was possible to be worried and sad, while also being adventuresome, positive, and productive!  This summer we will have to arrange some visits!

I know that as I was creating the photo book for 2011, and somewhat re-lived all we did (or at least what we took photos of) I almost felt weak.  It was a big year for our little family.  And I just pray that when she looks back, years from now, she will feel that this transition guided her towards a confident path in her journey as opposed to totally ruining her chances for a fulfilled life.

The Parent's Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents

Reminds me of this... another book kept on my bedside table.  One of the women I admired in Roanoke told me about it and I just love it!  I always find the short, little bits of wisdom comforting.  Just a few I happened to open to:

- Unless you stop following the crowd, how can your children be free?

To teach your children strength
you must be willing to appear weak.
You must renounce ambition and struggle
and embrace serenity and peace.
You must confess your faults and 
and embrace your failures.
You must face yourself with honesty
and find the truth of your nature.

Your children need a model of honesty.
If you pretend you have no weaknesses, 
and cover them under masks and facades,
your children will learn to do the same
and the game will go on.
Begin today to see,
and accept,
the real you beneath the role.


- There are a few things you must know
to become a wise parent.
You must know that you are going to die,
for then you will be able to truly live.

You must know when you have enough,
for then you will be content.
You must know how to laugh
for then you will find healing.

There are many things you need not know.
You need not know everything your children think or do.
You need not know their secret dreams and hopes.
You need not know how life will unfold for them, or for yourself.

Live your own life,
with all your heart, with all your mind, 
and with all your soul.
There is no need to live theirs.
They will do that wonderfully
by themselves.


  1. Could you remind me of this next week , next month , next year...? I feel like I need to get everything in before my oldest goes to college. We seem to be having mini crash courses . All the while I want quiet time just to enjoy her every detail of pure loveliness .

    1. Oh Lizziefitz! College! I cannot believe that! What an eloquent way to express your feelings... I know I'd feel exactly the same way... you should tell her those last two sentences! But you are a lovely, amazing family, and you probably "got it all in" before she was 5 years old!

  2. Love this, such wise words.....and oh how I want to be a wise parent!
    Your daughter seems lovely and you seem to be such a great mom!:)