Friday, June 29, 2012

Old School

Every day at 4pm one of my favorites, uncle Danny, enjoys his cigar and Jack Daniels outside by his pool.  When we moved, he told Adam to come join him anytime.  No need to call, just show up.  So a handful of times, Adam has done just that!  I love it!!

Uncle Danny is the real deal.  He is retired from a very stressful occupation.  He and my aunt recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and they still live in their first, very modest, home.  They live well.  Actually, now that I think about it, they emulate my definition of living well:

They LOVE their family.  They will do, and have done, anything for us.  If you've gotten married or had a baby, you've had a baby or bridal shower at their house, complete with my aunt's chicken salad puffs.

I think every one of the 9 siblings has a key to their home.  Even my aunt in Manhattan!  When my dad would take business trips, he would just show up on their doorstep, preferring his sister's hospitality to a hotel.  They are infamous for their midnight snacks!  And we, as kids, loved their kids' food cabinet!  We were allowed to help ourselves to cereal, cookies... all the good stuff!

They are the definition of "grandparents."  They snuggle and sing the babies to sleep; then, when the babies grow up, they show up for the activities.  Still a little older, they take them on special trips like Disney World and their favorite way to travel, by cruise ship.  I used to love going to their house when I was little and pouring over their map with all the push pins showing their travels.  They are very frugal with their money and prioritize the important things.

I could go on and on...  it just makes me so happy that my husband gets to spend some down time with this great man and mentor.


  1. They sound like gems ~ how wonderful to have such quality people in your lives!!!

  2. ooh, I love this. I love having role models like this, and people who make you think about your choices, and how you want to be. He and your aunt sound great!!

  3. How sweet, I wish the world had more people like them!

  4. They sound really amazing. Made me think about how we will be as grandparents:)

  5. yes, as she says, they are the real deal,the best role models anyone could have; in a world where everyone is constantly talking, these two wonderful people L*I*S*T*E*, and do for everyone....

  6. They sound amazing! You are so lucky to have them!