Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweet Love

Davis and daddy fishing... until he decided it wasn't for him

I love my Davis.  He is a sensitive guy... but he loves AC/DC... go figure.

He came downstairs one morning as I was cooking some bacon and he said, "It sure is a shame that a pig had to die for this bacon."  Luckily I was able to tell him it was actually turkey bacon...

We have a white rock driveway and Davis doesn't like it when I pluck little sprouts of "green" every once in a while.  He tells me, "They (the annoying weeds), too, are a part of nature."  Gheesh!

When I found a small snake in my garage and shoveled it out to the driveway, with Mary Fowler screaming to KILL it, Davis said not to hurt it- that it was just a baby and needed to be given back to its mother.  

And when he fractured his arm recently, he didn't complain very much but he did say, "I hope this never happens to any of you."

Love that boy!

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  1. I love Davis' tender heart. I wish more people in this world were as thoughtful and sensitive as he is. Please do not tell him that I think bacon is the fifth food group, lol! Hugs!