Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We spent July 4th at the beach with friends and made some great memories!  Bike rides at night and the fireworks on the beach were definitely highlights.  During the day, it was SO hot, disgustingly hot.  I joked that my girlfriend took me on a Bikram (Hot Yoga) Walk one day.

My only regret is not preparing some special dishes like cheese slaw, ham biscuits, or a lasagna.  My aunt Debbie always brings a ham to the beach.  They'll have a ham dinner when they arrive the first night and then ham sandwiches/biscuits the rest of the week.

One of my girlfriends always brings frozen, marinated chicken breasts (for grilling) and an artichoke rice dish for the first night.  I once brought a cajun shrimp and grits dish from a local caterer.  What special recipes do you take?

This trip, I just brought boring groceries for breakfast, lunch, and snacks/drinks for the beach.  But I did bake some cookies, and most importantly, my favorite summer adult drink ingredients (see recipe below)!  My brother in law is the drink master and and this is an easier version of his awesome mojito.

My dad taught me to make his gin & tonic and making this drink reminds me every time of his most important advice: lots of ice!

Fill a glass with ice
1/2 fresh lime, sqeezed
Pour 1/4 glass Marti's Rum
Fill the rest of the glass with a lemon lime soda or seltzer 
(I use Diet Sierra Mist)


  1. I bring lots of ingredients for appetizers (feta, corn and bean combo is my favorite with scoops) and snacks for the cocktail hour, which seems to be everyone's favorite time of day at the beach!

  2. The drinks sound refreshing! For family beach trips, I always brought homemade chocolate chip cookie dough to bake fresh there!
    Glad you had a great time!