Monday, July 9, 2012



The title may sound a little dramatic... but, then again, we are talking about adolescent daughters and their mothers!  Ha!

On one of our trips to the library this little book, recommended by Ann Landers, caught my eye and it is one I'm going to have to buy.  (I've already renewed it once)

I am reading it in small doses as it is still pretty early for me, and I have about 3 books I'm reading right now but each page has so much helpful insight!  I love it and I will highly recommend it to all of my friends with daughters.

I love that she explains this phase as the time when a daughter is trying to become her own individual self, while usually the mother is trying to mold her a certain way.

I also love that she tells us about her countless interviews with young girls so we can see things from their perspective.

Her chapter on dad's relationship with daughter was wonderful!  Sometimes well-meaning moms can serve as the translator between dad and daughter and she talks about the pros and cons of that.

I'm only about halfway through and already Mary Fowler and I have had some wonderful, casual conversations... I feel so much more confident that she feels comfortable talking to me.

Next up, my friend just finished NurtureShock.  So I look forward to borrowing that!


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  1. May have to look into that first book. We are hitting some interesting territory right now. Fortunately, Paige confides a lot in me, and I'm hoping not to lose that either. Some things can be tricky...