Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Of Laundry, School, & Books

A friend recommended
We have two full-sized beds in our guest bedroom and right now they are BOTH covered in clean laundry, just waiting...  Michelle Duggar's "family closet" is making more and more sense right now...

~ But today was the kids' first day of school and it was pretty exciting!  They were happy, they were energetic... we walked them in, dropped them off, and then Adam and I had a calm and quiet breakfast together.

~Then I was off to a leadership training for a couple of hours.  It was wonderful.  Fabulous women- I want to be just like them when I grow up.

~And then I came home and filled out ALL of the zillions of forms for school... picked kids up from school

~They had a GREAT first day, heard all about it, lemon bars for an after-school treat, played, relaxed, dinner...

~And now that the kids are in bed, I have all of these little lovelies to choose from... the laundry can wait!

another friend recommendation

Very good, easy read & message... and I loved all the characters

I think these very brief "bios" will be good to read before bed

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