Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 Grocery Bill Cut by $5,000

(That's the headline my husband would write... Me- notsomuch...

A funny thing happened in early December.  After 11 months, I FINALLY appreciated the task my husband introduced to me as a 2012 New Year's Resolution.

It was then that HE was told about strategic grocery shopping and bought Coupon Mom's book for ME.  At the time, I was not-at-all appreciative.  It seemed like one more thing to do, one more thing to organize, and one more thing to be held accountable for... or (for the grammar-minded) for which to be held accountable.

I would procrastinate getting onto her website to check-mark the sale items, I would huff and puff having to carry the laptop over to the printer to print my checked items out.  I hated finding and cutting the coupons out.  I didn't like expending the mental energy during the looong grocery trips (compared to what I was used to).  A couple of times I remember getting 2/3 way through the store and having the overwhelming feeling to leave my cart.  And once or twice I would stop mid-trip, check out, and then go back to finish the next day.  But that was only once or twice.

I wanted my "old" way of going to the market every other day or so for "a few items" (do I live in Italy, Under the Tuscan Sun??)... not my once-every seven-days (or even once every two weeks) big ol' cart overflowing.

What I find interesting is that my motivation to continue was not the money saved each trip (about $90 each time).  Instead, it was coming home and having Adam say, "Wow, you really are doing great with this!"  Or the lady in line behind me one time who exclaimed, "$90!!  You saved $90!!  You should head to Nordstrom right now and get a new pair of shoes!"

I also love when my friends (or total strangers) would ask me questions.  I love telling them what worked for me.

And I guess that's the good news!  Now, it does work for me!  After a year of doing the process and changing my ways, I finally feel like it has become a lifestyle.

Adam calculated our savings in 2012 to be $5,000!!  We saved an average of $420/month using this process.  Again, sounds great, makes me feel good, but doesn't give me as much satisfaction as explaining to my family, friends and neighbors how they can start saving, too!

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  1. Wow! Good for you. Menu planning is hard for me--something I resist because I love the European way of shopping, and I don't live in Paris where I can stroll through markets with a wicker basket in hand collecting fresh ingredients. I am trying though! Dinner: A Love Story has been a big inspiration.

  2. Congratulations!!! I completely bailed :((( bad !!! I promise to reread posts and attempt again. $5,000!!!! Wow!

  3. That is amazing! Way to go. I need to try this. Our food prices are so much higher in Connecticut than they were in Virginia, and I am working now, too, which seems to be causing my "stopping by the store on the way home because I can't face cooking" syndrome or the take-out when I can't face the grocery store.

  4. OMG I need to do this but it's so overwhelming!!!