Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Blessed Christmas

A blessed Christmas... That is what we've had.

The moment the Christmas songs began I had them playing.  I LOVE Christmas carols and hymns and I can do almost any chore while listening to them.  They bring me such joyful emotion; this year, I've especially loved chorale, Nat King Cole, or Josh Groban versions :)

And yet I've found myself very aware (even more so this year) that Christmas is not such a joyful, a time full of joy, for everyone.

I am one who over thinks our Christmas card wording each year.  This year's message was:
Comfort & Joy

For those who have lost loved ones and are missing them something awful, I pray that they share memories, laugh, cry, and spend time with loved ones who are also healing.

For those who are separated from loved ones either by distance, ego, custody, pride, or illness... I pray that they are able to find comfort in and perhaps offer healing to others.

Thinking about the Sandy Hook tragedy takes my breath away several times daily, and yet Christmas is blessed.

Four friends lost close family members right at the holidays, and Christmas is blessed.

One dear friend received a life-changing diagnosis for her child, yet Christmas is blessed.

The blessings have been so plentiful that I cannot list them all.  They are so many that they continued on even while we traveled home several days after the NEW YEAR!  And they keep coming.

Some are as small as taking a deep breath before reacting and others much larger- things we've prayed for years... Answered!

A focus on the blessings... Comfort and Joy!

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