Thursday, January 3, 2013

Documenting Our Family (Part One)

One of Mary Fowler's MyPublisher pages

And one of Davis's

After thinking things over for the past few years, here are my thoughts:

1.  Pictures are MY key to MEMORIES.

I, personally, am reminded of SO much when I see a photo.  I joke with Adam that if there isn't a photo of it, it didn't happen.  But maybe I'm not really joking!  The everyday things are my favorite.  And I'm pretty good at remembering to photograph them.  The hard part came when I realized that my picture of Mary Fowler eating a bagel sandwich at Einstein Bros. Bagels won't mean much without my "journaling" (don't get nervous, it's just a fancy term for words/ thoughts/ ideas/ memories) alongside it.  Without my words, the picture would probably be trashed- no special holiday, no one's birthday, not a particularly great photo in not a very fancy place.

The reason I care about that particular photo is because it reminds me of my mom keeping me home from school... just because.  We'd go out to lunch and I would feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  My mom not only loved me but wanted to do little, special things for me!  And I feel like a good mom when I do those same things for my daughter.  I was recently reminded why this is SO  important to me.  I was talking to my mom and she said she didn't remember one of my favorite outings: taking me to a restaurant in the lobby of a hotel.  I remember ordering tuna salad and it was okay, but they put sweet relish in it and I remember thinking my mom makes the best tuna salad- it's not sweet!!

The things that are important for one person are not necessarily important for another so the "journaling" makes the difference.  Plus, looking back through our happy memories makes me happy so I want to be able to do that in paper form- not browsing through the computer.

2.  Chronology is not my bag, baby.

After a LOT of thought, I have decided that I do not want to just pick up a scrapbook or photo book labeled 2008 and browse that year.  Chronology is just not that interesting to me.  Now, perhaps if I HAD kept up, I would feel differently about that... but... here I am.

Similarly, I need a 3 ring binder-like system so that I can work on things out of order, as I feel inspired.   The two albums I have for the kids now are post-bound and if you catch one page out of order, it is a b*tch to get it back together.

Several times I have wanted to be able to get my hands on all the photos I have for one particular person.  When my grandfather died and we were trying to get a lot of photos together, I had to look though years/ months/ events trying to remember which pictures he was likely to be in.

3.  I really am hoping that Photo Freedom is the organization method I need.  PEOPLE we love, THINGS we do, All about US, PLACES we go.

After several years, I do still love my How Fast Time Flies (via My now) pages.  I think they're classic, tidy, modern, pretty, and very flat (unlike traditional scrapbooking-embellished pages).  I do find myself and my family looking though those albums as opposed to the 3 or 4 regular photo albums of slide-in photos I did when Mary Fowler was first born.

Here's hoping that using the Photo Freedom method will get me combining photos with words in the way my brain and heart want to tell the story.


  1. I am going to use this I swear!!

  2. I've been avoiding your blog for weeks for this very reason! lol
    I'm so overwhelmed with my photos/albums/scrapbooks, etc and trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with them all.
    Thanks for sharing about what you're doing/discovering, it's very helpful and you're bringing up some valid points to consider. I absolutely agree about being able to work out of order for sure, that much I know.:)