Thursday, January 3, 2013

Documenting Our Family (Part Two)

Where are your photos?

Digital netherworld (yep, that's me!), printed in envelopes, printed in boxes, printed in albums, burned on CD/DVD?

Organizing Your Photos

I have found that I am not that inspired by digital images on my computer.  I really need to see them in my hot, little hands.  Not that my hands are usually hot... or little...

So those people who print their photos at Walgreens every few months really knew what they were doing!  Since I have VERY FEW printed photos (considering the thousands on my computer), my first step was organizing them digitally.  Which I have done pretty well (by year and then folders by month) until you consider that as I've upgraded cameras, I've crashed computers so things have been moved around.

Before we moved to Richmond, I bought a Terra drive (external hard drive My Book) for around $100.  But whoever helped me back up that bad boy really set up to be more confusing than it has to be.

So tonight I spent some time following this nice lady's advice on how to simply organize the digital photos.  By year and season is also what I'll be doing with any prints eventually with Photo Freedom.

So now I have a tupperware box with some printed photos, a few albums with some printed photos, Shutterfly website with hopefully all the photos (when I used to send the albums out, I might have edited quantity?), Archival DVDs with everything Shutterfly has, the MY Book external hard drive, and a couple of years in iphoto.

It sounds like a mess but It's kind of as organized as it can be?  This is why I'm looking forward to printing the pictures out... to see what I have to work with!


  1. I for one am impressed. I have been awful about family albums. I completely agree with you about the photo and the journaling. That is why I do it on my blog (laziness). I probbaly should and will make it private over the next few years. But I love that I have all the tiny details and photos there and what I want to do it print a copy for each kiddo.

    Happy New Year!!!!

  2. You are inspiring me to want to tackle these photos that just seem to reproduce on their own!

    BTW, I am glad to see your are blogging again. I was looking through an old post on my blog and saw your comment and thought I would click it just to see if you happen to be....and here you are! So glad to have found you and can't wait to read more!

  3. I am so behind all of this and really more on scrapbooking which I adore but have NO TIME FOR!!!

  4. I am using Shutterfly and when I was uploading our vacation pictures, something popped up alerting me to the fact that Shutterfly had put my photos into an album. I looked it over and it seemed ok and the price was right. It's not the nicest, but it will do. I am officially the laziest documenter ever. I am just content that all my photos are stored on Shutterfly (which took over Kodak Gallery).