Monday, February 25, 2013

Happily Surprising

Parade Magazine Quiz link

I do love the Sunday newspaper.  And I guess I read too many of my parent's Readers Digests when I was little, because I love the Parade "magazine" insert!  I usually read the Ask Marilyn column first.

Well this past Sunday had a great book excerpt with a quiz that was right up my alley.

I've attached the link to the quiz above, but here are the questions I was most fascinated by (the first two surprised me, but the last one I mention I hope we all know by now!):

#1. When a team of psychologists measured children's resilience, they found that the kids who _________ were best able to handle stress.

A. Ate the same breakfast every day
B. Knew the most about their family's history
C. Played team sports
D. Attended regular religious services

Answer (B) Knew the most about their family's history
The more children know about their family's history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives and the higher their self-esteem.  The reason: These children have a strong sense of "intergenerational self"- they understand that they belong to something bigger than themselves, and that families naturally experience both highs and lows.

#4. What do surveys show that most children want most from their parents?

A. To spend more time with them
B. For the parents to be less tired and stressed
C. A bigger allowance

Answer (B) For the parents to be less tired and stressed
An effective way to cut down on stress is to hold a weekly meeting to review how your family is functioning.  Sit together with everyone and pose three questions: "What worked well in our family last week?"  "What didn't work well?"  And "What can we work on now?"  The following week, adjust and try again.

#11. When men and women were asked the top three reasons they argue with their spouse, they agreed on only one.  What was it?

A. Housework
B. Children
C. Money
D. Sex

Answer (C) Money
The cliche is accurate.  Scientists posed this question to about 4,000 men and women and money was the only answer cited by both sides.  Couples can cut down on financial conflicts by dividing money into three accounts- "yours," "mine," and "ours"- and holding quarterly meetings to discuss finances.

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  1. LOVE is so up my alley. Great tips.

  2. I love this!! So fascinating!!!!!! I need to tell my kids more about history and such. We are always running around!