Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sorting Photographs

My sweet cousin Katie is getting married this month so we've been going home to Roanoke for various bridal parties (so fun!!).  On my last trip, it was a quick visit, and my mom gave me two tupperware boxes of old photographs.

They sat in my sunroom until last night when I found some energy after a wonderful, little surprise party for Mary Fowler.  (She turned 10 yesterday and we took her to get her ears pierced and then out to a special dinner with 7 of her sweet friends:)

I just sat down with these photos and sorted them pretty much into decades.  It really was amazing how simple and quickly it went.  My piles were labeled

"1970s and before",
and "2000s".

I went through one of the tupperware containers and I'd say it took about an hour- but I was also motivated to go through and clear out my packed file drawer and even found some things I had been looking for... most importantly, a little booklet I asked my grandmother to fill out!!

For the file drawer, I pulled things out like family trees, little notes I've saved, anything that I wanted to "scrapbook" (and by that term, I mean "hang onto in an orderly way").

Please don't let me fool you.  I am still feeling VERY disorganized.  When Mary Fowler was born, my husband bought me a new camera each year.  Additionally, we went through several computer upgrades, including keeping a PC and a MAC, and backing up each differently.  So I have digital pictures EVERYwhere and I really do not know how I will begin to keep them all in one place.

I cringe thinking that I will most likely have to print them ALL out to sort them but we are talking thousands!!  So, my plan is to make some appointments at the MAC store and hopefully one of those unlucky fellows can help me!

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  1. Oh that must feel good to have done! I did something similar years back (when I still had my pictures printed), organized them all in order and it didn't take as long as I thought, and it felt so good to have done. I was good about keeping it up to date and also keeping photos in albums. Then I finally got (very late to the game I might add) a digital camera and was bamboozled. It's never been the same. No albums, no pictures .... love everything online (and on my blog), but I don't like that they're not printed out. As you know, it's something I'm slowly working on .... still don't know what I'm gonna do but have some ideas. I love seeing what you're doing and getting ideas, thanks for sharing!!
    Happy Birthday to Mary Fowler!! Pierced ears ... that's a big deal and how fun!! Elliot's was on the 14th!:)