Sunday, March 17, 2013


I'm not sure why I enjoy having a blog.  Lately I've been focusing on other things and haven't posted much, but I do still consider myself a sharer or maybe it's just that I'll always be the bossy older sister.

So here's Thought #1:

Be easy on yourself.

When we first moved here, a sweet neighbor (now dear friend) invited me to her book club and while I haven't been able to make it very often, I am hosting tomorrow evening.  It has kind of snuck up on me but I chose a book I've already read so at least that's done.

Most of the time I try to plan ahead, and right now we do have plenty of food in the house... but I'm thinking these girls are going to get the Fresh Market "ready-made" menu.

I do love to bake and cook but I don't want to be rushing around trying to clean it all up right before they walk through the door.  So there, I know my limitations.  And it will be enjoyable, not stressful:)

Thought #2:

When I found myself taking the dog to her 2nd veterinarian appointment since we moved, it occurred to me that the whole family has had all of their well checks, while I have been to ZERO doctors exception: the dentist in almost 2 years time.

That could be problematic.

So, one of my New Year's resolutions was to make my doctor appointments.

The silver lining: All appointments ended up being in the month of March and since things are usually just annual visits, I'm thinking this was pretty smart on my part!  Go ahead, ask me when my last visit was: MARCH!


  1. I make sure every year on my birthday month I hit all the doctors! You have to! xo

  2. I needed to hear both of these "thoughts' today. THANK YOU!! I am so behind in my annual doctor appts (dentist, mammogram, eye and internist). I keep up with everyone else though too. I have it on my to do list now and hopefully, I will get it done.

    Also, I need to go easy on myself too. I often put too much pressure on myself and now I see my middle child doing it too.

    I hosted book club a few weeks ago and made a salad but I bought the tomato basil soup at a cafe. It was so much less stressful and it was delicious. Our book club is lunch.

  3. I do that too with my doctor visits, makes it so much easier:)
    What a pretty Spring wreath!!

  4. I schedule it all in April baby. The birthday month. There's no getting around getting your personal oil checked on all levels. You have to do it!