Friday, April 5, 2013

In Class

I am SO excited!  For the next 12 weeks, I am taking a class from the fabulous Cathy Zielske about digital photo story-telling.

I love my How Fast Time Flies pages and I will continue to use them.  But I realized I was ready to start making my own Photoshop layouts to achieve a cleaner, crisper, more classic, timeless look.

Both Cathy and Stacy Julian believe that we are truly only qualified to tell our OWN stories.  And this has been eye-opening to me.  My intention has always been to document my children's lives and our family's journeys & relationships... but I would have thought it self-absorbed to discover me!

Well, we ALL matter... and I do have something to offer... and story-telling is one of my gifts... so here goes!

This morning Davis crawled into bed with me and said he wanted to do his own ME layout and we had the best time putting his page together!  He loved it, and I know I will treasure his page.

As soon as Mary Fowler saw Davis' page, she wanted to help with hers!  Then I did Adam's and Charlotte's so we'd each have one.  I uploaded them to MyPublisher and I can't wait to get them in the mail!  Makes me so happy!


  1. Love the idea of this class...keep us posted on how it goes:)

  2. Love that you are really diving into this!

  3. LOVE this, that is so neat. I agree about the telling our own stories. Love everyone's pages, it helps me to see them a wee-bit better:)