Monday, July 1, 2013

Awesome Note

This is an app that was recommended to me by one of the digital experts in the class I took and I have loved using it as a digital gratitude journal.  {I also love using it to write down funny things the kids say or do as it dates them for me}  It does cost $4.99 but it can do a lot- I am not really using it to its full potential.

I think I will always need a thankful journal.  I notice a pretty dramatic change in my daily life if I slack off.  And I usually have my phone with me so it's working for me now...

One pretty amazing {to me} story it helped me realize was when one of Mary Fowler's friends from Roanoke came to stay with us for a week.  She is older, in middle school, but they have always had a special friendship.  My kids weren't out of school yet so during the day I took K with me to Starbucks, some of our favorite shops, and even on boring errands.

At the end of the week she said, "Your house is so calm."

I almost started crying!  Growing up, our mornings {remember 3 girls trying to get ready} were chaotic, busy, loud, and I always felt like we were running late for something.  I had such a wonderful childhood- that's really the only thing I wanted to change in my future home.

So for K to make this observation felt like an achievement.  Although I'm sure things will change once we have middle and high schoolers...


  1. I think that is an ultimate compliment. A friend told me that after staying with us last fall (and inside I laughed because it never seems calm to me). But I remember feeling as you do too:)

    I am going to look into that app. I have lots of my clients keep gratitude journals too.

  2. Thank you! That means a lot coming from you, Kim! I already know we share a dislike of the oft-used word "busy." :)

  3. I'm checking out the app too! I need a place to write down all the funny things H says.

    Loving your blog these days- the design is so attractive and soothing- like you! As for calm, hahaha- that is a compliment I will never receive on my household. I think that's why everyone always wants to be at your house! I miss you!