Thursday, July 4, 2013

Backyard Garden Lust

We have a big, flat, fenced in backyard now, which is hard to come by in the mountains of Roanoke where we used to live.  We are very excited about our yard's potential.  But right now we affectionately refer to it as "the jungle."

I will have to take some pictures, if Adam will even let me.  It makes him mad to see things so rough-looking.  I've noticed he closes the shades when he's in rooms that face the backyard.

When we moved in, we had so much work to do that we had to prioritize.  We paid for some professionals to get the front yard looking nice and tidy, but the backyard just seems to have gotten worse in the almost 2 years we've been here.

One of our favorite outdoor restaurants is Portico so the last time we were there I snapped some photos. They have the stonework and raised beds I would love, whenever the backyard moves on up to the top of the TO DO list.

Davis is definitely my little gardener.  Here he is on a class field trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  Even before the field trip, he begged for weeks to buy some seeds so we could start our own garden.  My mom said not to waste time with seeds- just buy the seedlings/plants, so I bought some tomato and sweet pepper plants and they are doing really well so far!  

I just have them in pots on the back deck, for obvious jungle reasons.

I thought this little house would be so cute in a backyard.  (And I'm playing around with watermarks)

We have almost a whole acre although it is a little oddly shaped.  I would love some lush grass, a stone patio with a fire pit, some raised garden beds, and maybe even a pool?  But, for now, I'll just take pictures of my smiling children in someone else's pretty backyard :)


  1. your new header, etc.! : ) Always enjoy your blog.

    MY blog needs some updating. soon!

  2. Thank you so much, Jen! I have been happy with Cutest Blog on the Block and this one which is

    Yours always looks great and I appreciate you saying HI :)

  3. Oh my gosh-just found your blog- I used to follow when you had version 1.0! Your children are SO GROWN up and gorgeous!!!!-Linda,ny