Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yard Sale Redo


One morning soon after we moved, Mary Fowler and I ran to Starbucks and then noticed a yard sale sign in our neighborhood.  We decided to look around and we found a couple of things including this bamboo shelf.

I am notorious for wanting to bring new life to old discarded trash pieces, but Adam is so anti-hoarding that he has a rule:  I have one week to fix it up or it goes out with OUR trash.

I was proud of myself for actually "saving" this piece.

Originally, I planned to use it in our family room but I still need to work on my "sprucing up" skills.  In person, it looks just OK, so Mary Fowler got lucky and it now resides in her bedroom for extra storage.

What is your favorite yard sale or curbside find?



  1. Love this! I am in the middle of "sprucing up " some bamboo chairs. I have removed hundreds of tiny staples that were at every joint;p When my blisters heal , I will sand & paint. Are you on Instagram? I don't get to the blogs very often. Lizziefitz5 ;))

  2. I want to get on Instagram... so does Mary Fowler?? When I figure it out, I will find you for sure:)

  3. Your new blog format looks fab! I love sprucing up old furniture. My latest project was painting a dining room table that J.C. found for me. It is now a french blue. I had a leaf made by a local carpenter and I can finally seat my book club at one table! My dream job would be to work at Black Dog Salvage painting furniture, but I have never been formally trained as a restorer, so that will never happen.

  4. Hi Kate! The table sounds gorgeous! I want to see! You should make your dream job come true because what you can do is NOT easy! We need restorers like you!

  5. omg-LOVE this!!!!! i saw a pair in a house in sandbridge recently and i wanted to steal them!!! so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!