Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Second Honeymoon!

Oh, how rejuvenating some time away in paradise is!  We love spending time with our children, but we really covet our alone-time, too :)

photo by The Fairmont Orchid

Hawaii was just lovely.  We loved the time change- 6 hours difference.  We were both out of bed each morning by 5am, worked out together (not typical for us), met friends at breakfast, and then got ready for the day where we: relaxed, read, snorkeled, zip-lined, luau-ed, drank fun drinks, and ate sushi all week!  We stayed at the Fairmont Orchid, which changed a few years ago from the Ritz Carlton.  Everything was so nice- the climate, resort, the people, the food...  I definitely understand why people have such a connection to these islands and their way of life.  Things seemed very low-key, calm and relaxed.

photo by The Fairmont Orchid
The ONLY down side to our trip was that some of the dates overlapped with an already-planned family  beach trip in Isle of Palms, SC with Adam's family flying in from all over.  Well, Adam's "tiger blood" (what we affectionately call his get-it-D.O.N.E personality) kicked in and we pulled all kinds of favors to make both trips happen.

My parents very graciously traveled to, and met us in, Charleston to stay with Mary Fowler and Davis for a few days while Adam and I flew to Hawaii (it's a long flight, but not as bad as 10 hours on a plane sounds).  Then, once our family arrived in Charleston, my parents delivered the kids to the family beach house and drove home.  Our kids had a blast with their aunts/uncles/cousins until we arrived mid-week.

And if this sounds super-simplistic, it was not.  Well, it kind of was, but I added a lot of worry, fear, and anxiety to the mix.

First, I worried about all the packing.  We were all going in different directions- some flying, some driving, and we were also bringing some larger items like pack and plays for other family members.  It was stressful- I am not a great packer under normal circumstances.  What helped: Lists.  Clean laundry.  Anything I could start grouping by the door days ahead, I did.  Games, technology items & chargers, life jackets, dry goods for the beach house, pack and play, etc.

Next, even though I have normally wonderful, well-mannered children, I felt very anxious that my children (or really ANY children) would be too much for others to care for and worry about.  It's just different when other kids, besides your own, are around.  Sometimes I have issues with pride- I'll offer to help out but won't always accept it, when offered.  What helped:  I made sure to remind my kids over and over about using their manners and trying to help out where they could.  We told them (and reminded ourselves) that these family members were doing us a great favor and that we hoped they would enjoy their time with their grandparents and cousins!  I always enjoyed spending time with my aunt and uncle and cousins when my parents traveled.  We told them we could Facetime if they missed us (despite the 6 hour time difference) but we would be back after a couple of days.

Funny enough, both kids were excited about mom and dad having some alone time:)

Finally, I feared the BIG catastrophes.  I worried that one or both kids would drown in the ocean, or even in the house's pool.  I worried that Adam and I would leave our kids orphaned.  And then I worried that we would miss a tight connection and delay our return.  Both of our kids are good swimmers, and we were leaving them with 5 family members who are physicians.  So, in all honesty, they were probably in better hands (lol) but the only thing that helped with these worries was prayer.  And every time we made a safe connection, or got a text that things were going great, some more of that anxiety was lifted.  Adam frequently has to remind me that that overwhelming feeling of anxiety is only helped by taking action.  So true.

Thinking back over the past two weeks leaves me feeling so blessed and thankful.  Our families shared such cute and funny stories and pictures about Davis and Mary Fowler while we were gone.  I am one proud mama!


  1. I am so happy for all had such great adventures and it all worked out just fine. Amen! I could feel your anxiety in your writing, I would have been the exact same way. I too worry about leaving my children with others - will they be well mannered and appreciative as well as enjoyable company rather than a pain in the you know what. We have all heard those stories. So glad you had time away with your hubby and got to enjoy the family vacation! xoxo

  2. wow! good for you. i know how hard that coordination is. I am hoping to go back to hawaii next year! Loved, loved, loved it. There is an open water swim in Waikiki that I want to do.

  3. Wow, look at your gorgeous Hawaiian picture?!!!! How wonderful!!!! I'm so glad everything worked out and that you all had a great time (in both places)!! That resort is gorgeous and it all sounds so wonderful!!
    I get that crazy orphan fear too, sometimes even when we're just out on dates ...I'll remind hubby to drive safe so we make it home:)