Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mother/Daughter Weekend

Mary Fowler and I spent a 4 day weekend with some of our Roanoke friends at the Greenbrier!  When we moved, my sweet friend hosted a mother/daughter getaway and we've now done it for three years!

I picked Mary Fowler up early from school and she said she was a little nervous that maybe her friends would have changed and become "more sophisticated."  I told her that I could understand, and there was a chance her friends were worried about that, too.  So, when we arrived, Mary Fowler announced proclaimed, "I haven't changed a bit!"  The little girls laughed and laughed all weekend!  They loved the climbing wall and shopping!  Mary Fowler pointed out a pair of boots she would love for Christmas:)

It was so relaxing, and I loved spending time with everyone.  I have not been very good at navigating long-distance friendships and I have felt guilty.  But everyone said they completely understood.

While I feel bad moving Mary Fowler away from old friends, it is fun to have friends in different cities/states!  I guess kids aren't pen pals anymore, they stay in touch via Instagram!


  1. What a fun weekend! So glad you girls got to enjoy that!
    Are you on instagram or just the kids? I am 5bickies...

  2. Jennifer, I have STILL not figured out Instagram for myself. Mary Fowler is on there with a private account, but the minute I do it myself, I will let you know:)